Ex-BBC Labour MP: It's a 'disgrace' Laura Kuenssberg needs a bodyguard

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25th September 2017

It is “a disgrace” that BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg needs a bodyguard to work at Labour conference, a prominent MP who used to work for the broadcaster said today.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg has been assigned a bodyguard after recieving online threats
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Clive Lewis said hate-filled Labour members angry about BBC coverage should “argue with what she has to say but don’t threaten her”.

The BBC decided to send a security detail to the four-day annual event with Ms Kuenssberg after she received masses of sexist abuse by people who believe she is biased against Jeremy Corbyn.

BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg given bodyguard for Labour conference

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Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell today said any hate targeted at the journalist was “unacceptable” and she should tell anyone who harasses her: “John McDonnell will sort them.”

Asked about it at a Momentum event on the fringes of the Labour conference today, Mr Lewis said: “I think it’s a disgrace that any woman needs to have bodyguards at conference - absolute disgrace.”

The Norwich South MP added: “Play the ball not the player. Argue with what she has to say – don’t threaten her. We are not like that. That’s not how we roll on the left.

“Whatever you think of her journalism – threaten that, don’t threaten her.”

A BBC insider told the Sun: “We take the safety of our staff extremely seriously.

“Laura is a well-known public figure. She and her team will be covering events with big crowds where there can be hostility, so we want to ensure adequate precautions are taken.”

Ms Kuenssberg has been booed and heckled by supporters of Mr Corbyn when she has asked him questions at press conferences.