Jeremy Corbyn to attack Westminster’s ‘warped and degrading’ culture of sexual harassment

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5th November 2017

Jeremy Corbyn is set to hit out at Westminster’s “warped and degrading” culture of sexual harassment.

Jeremy Corbyn will make the speech later today
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Mr Corbyn’s speech comes amid reports six more Labour MPs and one party aide could face allegations. 

A list similar to the dossier of Tory MPs is said to have been compiled for Labour, according to The Sunday Times. 

One entry apparently claims a Labour MP was groped by a party aide. 

A spokesman said: “The party takes all complaints of sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination extremely seriously.

“We ask that anyone with a complaint comes forward so allegations can be properly investigated. When evidence of misconduct comes to light, all appropriate disciplinary action is taken in line with the party’s rule book.” 

Last week Labour launched an inquiry into Clive Lewis after allegations he groped a woman at the party's annual conference - a claim Mr Lewis strongly denies

The investigation follows the suspension of veteran MP Kelvin Hopkins over claims he sexually harassed a party activist.

Mr Hopkins has said he "absolutely and categorically" denies the allegations made by Ava Etemadzadeh.


In his speech later today Mr Corbyn will say: “Labour is committed not just to challenging a warped and degrading culture in Westminster, and across society, but to overturning it.

“Faced with the ongoing revelations about sexual harassment, we must make this a turning point and a moment of real change.

“We must say ‘no more’. We must no longer allow women, or anyone else for that matter, to be abused in the workplace or anywhere else.

He will add: “This is not about peering into some dark recesses. This kind of abuse, sexism and misogyny, has been hiding in plain sight. It is all around us. It is, sadly, in our schools and universities, it is in our businesses and workplaces, in our newspapers and on our TV screens, and yes, it is in the corridors of power.”