Damian Green ‘provides evidence to clear his name’ in computer porn investigation

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4th December 2017

Damian Green has provided evidence to prove that porn can be present on computers without being downloaded or watched, as part of a Cabinet inquiry into allegations made against him. 

Damian Green Damian Green is subject to a Cabinet Office investigation

The First Secretary of State has been accused by former police officers of having accessed pornographic material on his work computer.

But Mr Green has strongly denied the claims and has reportedly handed the evidence to Cabinet Office official Sue Gray, who is conducting the investigation into his behaviour.

According to the Telegraph, he has passed on an email from deputy speaker of the House of Commons Eleanor Laing to Ms Gray, explaining that a member of her staff also found porn on her computer without having accessed or watched it.    

Mr Green has also been accused of behaving inappropriately towards a female Tory activist who said he touched her knee and sent her suggestive text messages – allegations he also denies.

Claims that Mr Green had watched porn on his work computer first emerged last month in an article by former Met assistant commissioner Bob Quick.

More recently former detective Neil Lewis, who examined Mr Green’s computer in 2008 as part of an investigation into Home Office leaks, said there was “no doubt” that the material had been found and he had been "shocked" by the content.

But the senior Tory has maintained his innocence, and said in an initial statement: “No allegations about the presence of improper material on my parliamentary computers have ever been put to me or to the parliamentary authorities by the police.

“I can only assume that they are being made now, nine years later, for ulterior motives.”

Colleagues have rallied round Mr Green, who is a close ally of Theresa May, with Justine Greening yesterday calling for action to be taken against the police officers making the allegations.

The Education Secretary told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show: “I think there are two parts to this. One is obviously the Cabinet Office review into the behaviour of Damian Green.

“The second is I think any steps the police need to be taking in relation to what would seem to be a breach of police professionalism in breaching privacy…

“I think it is important that we have high standards in public life.”

This follows reports that Brexit Secretary David Davis had threatened to quit if his Cabinet colleague was forced out over the row.

However, a source told HuffPost UK that Mr Davis was not likely to step down, but did feel “aggrieved” at Mr Green’s treatment.

“David has an historic role in government and we are within touching distance of getting a major breakthrough on Brexit. Why would he walk away from that?”