EY Head of Government and Public Sector, Darra Singh, comments on the UK's Race Disparity Audit

Posted On: 
10th October 2017

Darra Singh, Head of Government and Public Sector at EY, has commented on the publication of the UK's Race Disparity Audit.

Darra Singh OBE was recently appointed to the panel of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) commission, established to tackle extremism and promote a stronger, more cohesive Greater Manchester. He also chaired the Riots, Communities and Victims Panel which was set up in the wake of the 2011 riots. In 2007 he was chair of the Commission for Integration and Cohesion that reported to Government.

Commenting on the publication of the UK’s Race Disparity Audit

“Startling new statistics reported from the Race Disparity Audit last week (Oct 3) brought uncomfortable confirmation of ethnic imbalance in the UK. The UK has communities rich with diversity but unfortunately we have an issue with converting this into equally diverse societal and economic wealth. The full detail captured by this audit has the potential to inform and shape a new robust strategy to drive necessary, radical change in order to rebalance our communities, society and economy.

“The stark reality of the facts revealed today (Oct 10) could be much more than a stimulus for change. The size and scale of information gathered presents government, national and local, a unique opportunity to explore the experiences of people in terms of health, education, employment and criminal justice and devise new strategies for improvement.

“Never before has the UK Government had such detailed insight into the extent of race disparity. Focus should now move to identifying how this wealth of data is analysed and used to create targeted, effective and transformative change in order to make our society and economy more inclusive.”