Former Commons bar manager says she was repeatedly pestered for sex by MPs

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9th November 2017

A former Commons bar manager has said she was repeatedly pestered for sex by MPs - including one who followed her home after drinking 12 pints.

A number of top figures from both parties are under investigation
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Alice Bailey, who worked at the Sports and Social bar for five years, branded MPs “obnoxious old pervs”. 

Ms Bailey, who began working at the Commons when she was 19, said one SNP MP begged her for sex for two hours, a Welsh MP told people who had slept with her after she confronted him about womanising and politicians regularly snog researchers before heading home to their families. 

She told The Sun a Labour MP, who was “old enough to be her grandad”, began drinking at midday and had had 12 pints over the course of the day. 

“He leaned over the bar and asked me - all slurry - to go back to his flat for a whisky.

“He was old enough to be my grandad. I had a boyfriend and told him ‘No’ in no uncertain terms.”

“I assumed he would give up and got on the bus. But I was stunned when he hopped on as well and sat down beside me.

“Then he grabbed my thigh quite aggressively and said, ‘So what about that whisky, Alice?’ I screamed at him, ‘Just f*** off.’”

She told her bosses the next day and asked if she should go to the police but they said no one would believe her.

She added: “I realised in that moment what powerful people MPs are and I was just a kid behind the bar. Then to add insult to injury the MP came in with a youngish woman on his arm and smiled, as if to say, ‘Don’t worry I got another one’.”

Her comments follow a tumultuous fortnight in Westminster in which Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and junior whip Chris Pincher resigned over allegations about their past behaviour. 

A number of top figures from both parties are also under investigation, with Labour looking into a claim of rape by a party official and claims of a subsequent cover-up.

Several of Mrs May's Tory colleagues are currently under investigation over allegations of improper behaviour, including Cabinet ally Damian Green and Trade minister Mark Garnier.