Nationwide welcomes Law Commission report into online abuse

Posted On: 
2nd November 2018

Nationwide have released the following statement in response to the Law Commission's report into online abuse.

Free speech cannot extend to spreading hate. It is important to take a stand and say very clearly that it is not okay to throw around abuse online or via social media which would not be tolerated in a civil society when said to someone’s face.

That is why we welcome the Law Commission’s report because it shines a further light on a growing societal problem and follows on from the recently launched #TogetherAgainstHate campaign fronted by Nationwide, McCain, Maltesers and Channel 4.

Reform of the criminal law needed to protect victims from online abuse, says Law Commission

It’s clear from the report that more needs to be done across the board, which is why it is good to see the Government developing a White Paper to explore how the right level of protection can be put in place to make the UK as safe online as it is offline.

We look forward to working with Government, other brands, social platforms and the appropriate authorities to look at how we can play a part in tackling this broader social issue because, at the end of the day, hate is hate and that is all that should matter.