Tory anger as Nicola Sturgeon refuses to fly Union Flag for Queen's birthday

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24th January 2018

MPs have lashed out at Nicola Sturgeon after the SNP administration said the Union Flag will no longer be flown over dozens of buildings in Scotland on the Queen’s birthday.

Iain Duncan Smith said the move was "outrageous"
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New rules drawn up by the SNP say the UK flag will be raised above Scottish government buildings on Remembrance Sunday only.

It was previously raised alongside the Saltire to mark royal birthdays and anniversaries - but now the Saltire will fly alone.

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Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg blasted: “This decision smacks of small mindedness and is an affront to the majority of Scots who voted to remain within the UK.”

And Tory ex-leader Iain Duncan Smith fumed: “It is insulting to Scottish people to pretend that somehow Scotland is not within the UK.”

He said the decision was “outrageous” and “a tawdry attempt to sow more division” north of the border.

The new rules, issued by civil servants working for the Scottish first minister, will apply to dozens of landmark buildings including the Edinburgh and Glasgow high courts and Linlithgow Palace.

Ms Sturgeon however insisted there had been no change to policy and that the Lion Rampant had been flown on such occasions since 2010.