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Association of Former Members of Parliament

Room G13, 1 Parliament Street
House of Commons
United Kingdom020 7219


Elizabeth Peacock is the current Chairman of the Association.


Welcome to the Association of Former Members of Parliament website. This illustrates clearly who we are and allows you to see some of our many activities.

It is a great honour to be elected Chairman of the Association of Former Members of Parliament which has a growing importance on the Westminster scene. I thank all those who put themselves forward for election and for the interest of those who supported the Association with their votes. This support confirms the vibrant state of the Association which, in addition, to its basic role of representing the interests of our members is developing a useful service to Parliament.

The Association has a clearly defined role in making the wide ranging experience of former Members of Parliament available to the government of the day and the nation.

Through our recently established Trust the association has developed an Outreach programme to link schools, colleges and universities with Westminster to further the understanding of British Parliamentary Democracy. This is being achieved by our members making visits to lead non-party political discussion on the work of government, MPs and the day to day running of Parliament itself.

Additionally, The Parliamentary Outreach Trust seeks to utilise the experience, knowledge and skills of former MPs in capacity building and good governance programmes overseas. Members have taken part in projects in countries such as Uganda, Libya, South Sudan and Oman.

Furthermore, and somewhat unexpectedly, we have become a point of contact for writers, researchers and the media for information on wide-ranging topics with particular reference to the work of Parliament and the views of former members.

My objective, as I take the Chair, is together with our Executive Committee and our Trust to extend the work of the Outreach programme which is likely to need the assistance of more of our members. This objective will be allied with the extension of the use of the knowledge of our widely experienced members to satisfy the needs of governments and media.

We have a magazine called “Order Order” and you can view this on the website. It shows some of the activities of the Association. We do have regular meetings, which allow our membership to discuss current topics and meet up with former colleagues who are still MPs.

We also have links to other former MPs in Europe and across the world. This is used to keep in touch, cement friendships and foster good relationships.

Thank you for your interest and please visit us again.

Elizabeth Peacock JP DL