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Association of Former Members of Parliament

Room G13, 1 Parliament Street
House of Commons
United Kingdom
020 7219 8207

Welcome to the Association of Former Members of Parliament website. This illustrates clearly who we are and allows you to see some of our many activities.

Having a career as a Member of Parliament is rewarding and very interesting but for so many a very precarious occupation. I lost my seat in 1997. It was no surprise to me as I had a very small majority but for so many they found themselves not only out of office but out of touch with friends and colleagues they had worked with on a daily basis for many years.

Apart from all the problems that so many people have to deal with when suddenly becoming unemployed, being out of touch with your friends was a real blow. We therefore wanted to help everyone keep in touch with one another.

With the enormous experience and knowledge gained whilst being an MP, we all wanted very much to use this for the benefit of the community. One of the projects that we have is an outreach programme with former MPs visiting and speaking at universities, academies, schools and voluntary groups to give a clear idea as to how our Parliament and our democracy works. This is proving very useful and we are working on expanding our programme.

If you are interested in this, please contact us at our e-mail address –

We have a magazine called “Order Order” and you can view this on the website. It shows some of the activities of the Association. We do have regular meetings, which allow our membership to discuss current topics and meet up with former colleagues who are still MPs.

We also have links to other former MPs in Europe and across the world. This is used to keep in touch, cement friendships and foster good relationships.

Thank you for your interest and please visit us again.

Graham Bright

Former M.P. for Luton East/South 1979 – 1997

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