Response to Ian Mearns' Hate Crime 10 minute rule Bill

Posted On: 
30th October 2013

Sarah Lambert, Head of Policy at the National Autistic Society said:

“Disability hate crime has no place in 21st century Britain but an alarming number of people living with autism in the UK have suffered bullying, exploitation and harassment. This has to stop.

“It is both shocking and sickening that people with autism become targets of crime because of their disability, but unfortunately due to the social difficulties people with autism experience it can leave them vulnerable to being taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals.

“It is vital that disability hate crimes are punished with the same severity as other hate crimes.

“People with autism have the same rights as the rest of society to lead lives free from fear and violence.

“Like all victims of crime, people with autism need to be understood, empathised with and appropriately represented so any moves to improve autism awareness amongst criminal justice professionals are extremely welcome.”