Wed, 17 April 2024

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Live Better Connected: Beyond Gigabytes - Shining a Light on the True Value of Telecoms with Telecoms Expert Matt Howett from Assembly Research

Mobile UK

2 min read Partner content

Have you ever wondered about the true value of mobile connectivity in our lives? It's not just about gigabytes and staying connected with friends.

In this episode of the Live Better Connected podcast, our Director of Policy and Communications, Gareth Elliott, delves deeper into mobile connectivity with industry expert Matt Howett to explore the real impact of mobile tech on our lives and society, especially during challenging times.

Meet Matt Howett:

Matt is a leading voice in the mobile sector, and he joins us fresh off the release of his most recent report titled "The Value of Telecoms Services: UK." He sheds light on the often-overlooked benefits beyond just staying connected.

Unveiling the Value:

Matt and Gareth Elliott explore the remarkable value UK consumers receive for their mobile services. Unlike other regulated industries like energy and water, where bills keep rising without significant improvements, mobile customers have enjoyed faster speeds, more data, and increased usage at a decreasing cost (in real terms). In addition mobile operaterors have provided £290 million in support for those infinancial difficulty and ubsided social tariffs by an estimated £62 million a year during the current economic challenges.

More than just data:

The conversation goes beyond data packages and reveals how mobile connectivity:

Boosts our economy and society: Mobile tech plays a crucial role in driving innovation, enabling businesses, and supporting essential services.

Provides great value for money: Unlike other sectors, mobile customers have seen faster speeds and increased usage while the the price per gigabyte of data has dropped 82% in the last six years.

Supports those in need: During the cost of living crisis, mobile operators have offered £290 million in support to help people stay connected, alongside subsidised social tariffs estimated at £62 million a year.

Beyond the podcast:

Want to learn more?

Listen to the full episode: Discover even more insights from Matt in the podcast here.

Read the full report: Dive deeper into the details with the "Value of Telecoms Services: UK" report here.

Subscribe for future episodes: Stay updated on upcoming guests and topics by subscribing to the Mobile UK YouTube channel here.

Join the conversation:

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