Fri, 1 March 2024

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Our Work: Fur

Every year around 100 million animals suffer and die for their fur, kept in barren wire battery cages, or caught in brutal traps. The UK was the first country to ban fur farming in 2003, but has since continued to import tens of millions of pounds of fur cruelty from overseas. Fur farming is not only inherently inhumane, it’s also damaging to the environment and a public health risk. We lead the #FurFreeBritain campaign for a fur import and sales ban, with strong support from the British public, retailers and designers, and MPs from across the spectrum.

Certified Cruel: Why WelFur fails to stop the suffering of animals on fur farms
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The Case for a Ban on the UK Fur Trade
Fur Faming and Industry Certification Initiatives
Fur Farming, COVID-19 and Zoonotic Disease Risks

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