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Tue, 4 August 2020

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EU anger as Boris Johnson insists there will be 'no alignment' after Brexit

EU anger as Boris Johnson insists there will be 'no alignment' after Brexit
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Boris Johnson has sparked anger after insisting Britain will not follow any EU rules after Brexit.

The Prime Minister made clear he would pursue a hard Brexit as his divorce bill cleared a Commons hurdle by saying there would be “no alignment” between the two sides. That defying EU claims that alignment is a “must” for any future relationship.


He said the vote “paves the path for a new agreement on our future relationship with our European neighbours based on an ambitious free-trade agreement, with no alignment … on EU rules, but instead control of our own laws and close and friendly relations”.


EU leaders reacted by saying that Britain could not have tariff-free, frictionless trade unless it signed up to EU regulations and standards.


Leo Varadkar, the Irish Taoiseach, said a trade deal had been made more difficult to achieve with Mr Johnson “fixed on a harder Brexit”. 


He told The Telegraph: “We don’t want to trade with a Britain that undercuts us, that has lower financial standards, lower product standards, lower health and safety standards...the harder approach being taken by Prime Minister Johnson is a risk to us.”


Charles Michel, president of the European Council, said “a level playing field remains a must for any future relationship”, indicating Brussels will push hard for close alignment in trade talks.


Trade talks can only officially begin once Britain leaves the EU. 

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