Jean-Claude Juncker: There will be no second EU referendum

Posted On: 
9th January 2018

Jean-Claude Junker has said there will be no second EU referendum and Britain’s exit from the bloc is inevitable. 

Jean-Claude Junker is EU Commission President

The European Commission President has also warned that other EU countries will have to pay more to plug the financial shortfall left by Brexit.

In a speech that will agitate hardcore Remainers, Mr Junker dismissed the suggestion made by arch Europhiles such as Tony Blair and Nick Clegg that a second EU referendum could see the decision to exit the EU reversed.

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“I don’t think Brexit can be put to the voters again. I don’t believe it,” he said.

Turning to the financial impact for the rest of the EU Mr Junker added: “I’m not in favour of any cuts.

“Britain will be leaving us so we need to find a means [of] reacting to the loss of a significant number of billions in euros.

“It will be difficult for the budget coffers of Europe when a net contributor leaves.”   

EU contributions, he continued would have to increase after Britain’s exit in order “to pursue European policies adequately”.

The intervention comes after David Davis warned that EU plans for a ‘no deal’ Brexit were damaging British business.

In a letter to Theresa May seen by the Financial Times, the Brexit Secretary said guidance to EU firms in preparation for a ‘no-deal’ scenario breached the UK’s rights as a member state, adding that he was consulting lawyers on the issue.

Meanwhile, there was speculation ahead of the Prime Minister’s new year reshuffle that she plans to appoint a ‘no deal’ Brexit minister to work alongside Mr Davis.

The move is reportedly designed to indicate to Brussels that the UK is prepared to walk away from an unfavourable deal.