Blow for Theresa May as Jeremy Corbyn says Labour would vote against 'no deal' Brexit

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11th October 2017

Labour would vote against any attempt by the Government to take Britain out of the EU without a formal agreement with Brussels, a spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn has revealed.

Jeremy Corbyn flanked by Sir Keir Starmer and Emily Thornberry at PMQs.
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He said the opposition would instead call on ministers to continue negotiations until a deal is struck.

The move sets up the possibility of the Tory rebels joining forces with Labour to defeat Theresa May in a landmark vote ahead of the Brexit deadline of 29 March, 2019.

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Theresa May refuses to say whether she would vote for Brexit now

Mrs May revealed on Monday how plans were being drawn up for a 'no deal' scenario as the negotiations drag on.

At Prime Minister's Questions, she also said that £250m has been made available for Whitehall departments to prepare for all Brexit eventualities - including no deal.

But asked if Labour would support such an outcome if it was presented to the Commons by the Government, Mr Corbyn's spokesman said: "We would oppose that. If the Government comes back with that outcome, we will seek to push for continued negotiations to get the kind of deal that's in the interests of the country."

Remain-backing Labour MPs welcomed the move.

Meanwhile, Mr Corbyn's spokesman joined Theresa May in refusing to say how the Labour leader would vote if the EU referendum was re-run.

He said: "There isn't going to be another referendum. We respect the last referendum and accept the result."