Lack of foreign policy plan could sink 'global Britain' vision, MPs warn

Posted On: 
30th January 2018

Ministers must set out how the UK will work with the EU on foreign policy, security and defence after Brexit, MPs have said. 

MPs have urged the Government to set out how the UK and the EU will work together on foreign policy, security and defence after Brexit.

In a new report, the Foreign Affairs Committee warns that more clarity is needed on Britain’s future diplomatic relationship with the bloc in order to protect “our shared values of democracy, human rights, and the rule of law”.

According to the committee, the Government has not yet “decided on its objectives” in this area, and has given foreign policy “little attention” during Brexit negotiations so far.     

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Committee chair Tom Tugendhat said: “Britain’s future will be decided by our foreign policy… 

“As the recent summit meeting between the Prime Minister and President Macron reminded us, the UK’s bilateral relations with our nearest and closest allies in Europe are important. 

“They will also set the tone for our relations with countries around the world and be vital to ensuring the success of ‘Global Britain’.

“The UK must urgently define its aims for the future relationship so that we are ready to engage with the world as one of Europe’s leading foreign policy actors.”

Speaking after Theresa May’s meeting with President Macron earlier this month, Mr Tugendhat urged the two leaders to work together to ensure mutual prosperity.

Mr Macron, he said, should seek to “make sure that his nearest neighbour is prosperous and trades well and buys French goods, sends all the wealthy tourists and all the things that make sure that France is a prosperous country”.