Support for referendum on final Brexit deal takes lead for the first time

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27th July 2018

Support for a referendum on the final Brexit deal has taken the lead for the first time, according to a new poll.

Calls for a second EU referendum are growing.
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The YouGov survey for The Times shows that 42% of voters now back a fresh poll, compared to 40% who do not.

That marks a significant shift from last month, when opposition to a second referendum held a 45% to 37% lead.

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The findings come against a backdrop of mounting government confusion over Brexit, with Theresa May's plans coming in for criticism from all sides.

In a further blow for the Prime Minister, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier rejected a key plank of the agreement struck by the Cabinet at Chequers earlier this month.

Speaking at a press conference alongside Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab, Mr Barnier said the so-called "Facilitated Customs Agreement", which would see the UK collect tariffs on behalf of Brussels, was a non-starter.

According to the YouGov poll, just 19% of Leave voters would support a second referendum, compared to 66% of those who backed Remain.

Support was highest among Lib Dem voters (67%), with 58% of Labour voters and 21% of Tories saying they wanted to see another referendum.

When asked how they would vote in any new poll, 45% said they would back staying in the EU compared to 42% who would support leaving.

In a further blow for Theresa May, 75% of voters said she is doing a bad job of negotiating Brexit, compared to just 14% who think she is doing well.

Elsewhere, the poll also showed that Labour's brief lead over the Conservatives has disappeared.

Support for Jeremy Corbyn's party now stands at 38%, the same as the Tories, with the Lib Dems on 10% and Ukip on 6%.


Meanwhile, Theresa May will hold talks on Brexit with Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis.

The Prime Minister and her husband, Philip, will then go on holiday to Italy for a week.

After returning to London to attend a World War One memorial event marking the centenary of the battle of Amiens, the pair will then go to Switzerland for two weeks.