Plot to unseat Theresa May risks plunging Britain into ‘appalling chaos’ Jeremy Hunt warns

Posted On: 
20th November 2018

Brexiteers plotting to unseat Theresa May could inflict “appalling chaos” on Britain, damaging its international standing, Jeremy Hunt has warned.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt defended the Prime Minister during a visit to Tehran

The Foreign Secretary’s intervention came after mounting speculation that Tory Eurosceptics were poised to force a vote of no confidence in Theresa May, in protest against her Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

The head of the European Research Group, Jacob Rees-Mogg, last week signalled that a coup could be imminent after announcing that he had written to 1922 committee chair Graham Brady demanding Mrs May’s removal.

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However, despite claims over the weekend that the 48 letters necessary to trigger the process would be on Mr Brady’s desk on Monday, the group failed to hit the threshold.

One source told the Telegraph last night: “Today was supposed to be the day we finally got the 48 letters needed to force a no confidence vote but some people didn’t turn up to be counted.

“There is a lot of frustration, especially with some of the big names who haven’t yet put letters in.”

Speaking during a visit to Tehran, Mr Hunt rebuked the plotters and defend Mrs May, saying she had “perhaps got the most difficult job of any prime minister or president in the western world at the moment”.

“Seeking to remove her risks the most appalling chaos that could be immensely damaging to our national reputation, but also destabilising and potentially stopping us getting through to the other side of Brexit,” he added. 

“That is why when people think about this, people will realise that backing her is the right thing to do.”

Mrs May faced a flurry of resignations when she unveiled her final agreement with Brussels last week, including the loss of Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab.

But speaking at the CBI annual conference yesterday, the Prime Minister defended the deal and called on voters to ignore the political infighting.

“Don’t just listen to politicians. Listen to what business is saying,” she said.

“Listen to what business that is providing your jobs and ensuring that you have that in come that puts food on the table for your family is saying.

“And business is saying ‘we want a good deal with the EU and we want a good trading relationship with the EU’.”