Labour fury as new analysis finds 130,000 kids will be homeless at Christmas

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5th December 2018

Labour has lashed out at the Government after new analysis found more than 130,000 children will wake up on Christmas day without a permanent home.

The number of kids without a home is increasing
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Leading charity Shelter said the shocking figure was 3,000 more than last year, with one in every 130 kids in Britain now technically homeless.

It said 9,500 children will spend Christmas in a hostel or B&B, often with one family in a single room and sharing bathrooms and kitchens with other residents.

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Shadow Housing Secretary John Healey fumed: “This appalling rise in homelessness since 2010 is a direct result of decisions made by Conservative ministers.

“Homelessness fell at an unprecedented rate with Labour, but after eight years of the Tories, it is shameful that 131,000 children will be without a home this Christmas.

“It’s no surprise that homelessness is rising rapidly when the Conservatives have slashed investment in new affordable homes, refused to help private renters and made huge cuts to housing benefit and homelessness services.

“Labour will end rough sleeping within a Parliament and tackle the root causes of rising homelessness with a million new low-cost homes and stronger rights for renters.”

Shelter said the number of homeless kids in London had increased 49% in five years, while in the South East the number had almost doubled and the North West had seen a whopping 175% rise.

In England there was an average of five homeless children for every school in the country, with teachers warning that students were suffering severe emotional trauma, the charity added.

Greg Beales, director of campaigns at Shelter said: “No child should be homeless. But for the generation growing up in the housing crisis, this is the grim reality for many.

“The number of children hidden away in hostels and BnBs is enough to make anyone’s heart sink. These are not places for children…

“The impact on these young people cannot be overstated. It doesn’t have to be this way. If we act now, we can change tomorrow to make sure every child has somewhere they can call home.”