Labour’s ruling body calls on Haringey Council to stop controversial housing project

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24th January 2018

Labour’s ruling body has called on Haringey Council to pause a controversial housing project after it was opposed by left-wing pressure group Momentum. 

Haringey Council has been under fire over a contraversial housing scheme

The National Executive Committee has advised the north London local authority to suspend plans if talks fail.

The proposals have caused tension in the borough, with unions and some party members opposing the transfer of public land and commercial property to a 50-50 partnership between the Labour-run council and firm Lendlease.

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The dispute came to a head last year when a Momentum campaign led to the deselection of Labour councillors who backed the so-called Haringey Development Vehicle (HDV).

Yesterday, it was reported that Labour’s NEC had decided to intervene and recommended pausing the project.

It also concluded that Shadow Communities Secretary Andrew Gwynne will now lead the mediation meetings with Haringey Council leader Claire Kober.

The NEC meeting was the first since Momentum founder Jon Lansman was elected to the body.

A Momentum spokesman said: "It is great to see such unity in moving against this hugely unpopular damaging policy which, if forced through, could see many residents kicked out of their homes."

A Labour source told the BBC: "The Haringey Development Vehicle is deeply unpopular in Haringey.”