CMI joins TUC in calling on employers to increase the number and standard of managers

Posted On: 
9th May 2019

CMI have commented on TUC report “Improving Line Management”.

This is a welcome report from the TUC on the importance of line management and on the critical role that line managers play in creating better workplaces and better businesses, said Rob Wall, Head of Policy, CMI.


The UK has around 2.4m “accidental” managers, promoted into leadership roles because of their functional expertise but left to sink or swim when it comes to management. Today’s report from the TUC shows the impact of these “accidental” managers: disengaged and poorly motivated workers, and unproductive workplaces.


We know that poor management can also damage physical and mental wellbeing, and working age ill health is estimated to cost the economy £100bn annually.


The TUC is right to highlight the importance of training, as not enough employers are investing in developing the skills of their existing managers or training new managers to be more effective. We estimate that only  1 in 5 managers is professionally qualified. CMI would join the TUC in calling on employers to increase the number and standard of professionally qualified managers and leaders in their businesses.


Whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, more must be done to develop and grow our management talent if the UK is to compete successfully in a post-Brexit world.