NFB sees ambition in Construction Sector Deal

Posted On: 
5th July 2018

The Government's Construction Sector Deal sets out “an ambitious partnership between the industry and the Government” that aims to increase apprenticeships to 25,000 a year by 2020, deliver better performing buildings and better value for taxpayers, as well as a globally competitive sector. 

The Construction Sector Deal is fairly sweeping. It sets out grand challenges, such as embracing artificial intelligence and digital construction, for an industry that already creates landmarks. The deal also addresses the fundamentals, such as contracts and payments that set the tone for relationships across the supply chain.


Richard Beresford, chief executive of the National Federation of Builders (NFB), said: “This is a deal that recognizes all parts of the construction industry and how, alongside the Government, can work together to deliver growth and a positive global reputation for UK plc.”