Liz Truss claims Britain has become 'infected' by anti-wealth sentiment

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15th May 2019

Britain has become "infected" with a suspicion of success and the wealth generated by successful entrepreneurs, according to Liz Truss.

Liz Truss said British entrepreneurs were 'heroes' who should be celebrated.
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In a major speech, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury will say that businessmen and women are "heroes" who should "know they’re respected in society".

Ms Truss, who is among a host of Tory MPs weighing up a possible leadership bid when Theresa May stands down, will tell a conference in London that growing the economy is "our number one challenge".

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"The way we are going to get growth up is to leave our comfort zone, challenge ourselves, and take more risks," she will say.

The Cabinet minister will add: "I think it’s vital that entrepreneurs also know they’re respected in society.

“They are heroes – take Carole Kane and her business partner, Mahmud Kamani, who set up BooHoo in Manchester. Risking their own money – they created clothes, jobs and a bright future for their city.

“I am worried that an insidious notion is being allowed to infect Britain that somehow wealth is something that is never deserved.

“That whatever the risk someone has taken, whatever the hard work they have put in – it is subject to suspicion. I think it’s this anti-success attitude that is hugely damaging.”

Repeating her call for a major shake-up of the planning system to allow the building of more new homes, Ms Truss will add: "High housing costs prevent people moving to more productive jobs. So people can’t live near the best jobs, and businesses can’t access the best talent.

"We need to reform our planning system and get more homes built – just as countries like Japan and Germany have.

"We’ve already made progress on this and last year we delivered over 222,000 homes. That's the highest level in all but one of the last 31 years."

Sources close to the Tory high-flyer say she is canvassing MPs to find out the level of support she has before deciding whether or not to throw her hat into the ring to succeed Mrs May.