Report: British economy could be damaged by lack of lorry drivers

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14th January 2018

The British economy is facing a serious hit because of a dire shortage of lorry drivers, a new report has warned.

The British economy is facing a serious hit because of a dire shortage of lorry drivers, according to a report.
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The Sun on Sunday reports concerns from Senior Traffic Commissioner Beverley Bell, who has called for urgent action from ministers to address the situation.

The haulage industry is heavily reliant on overseas drivers, with some 60,000 foreign drivers working on Britain's roads.

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In total some 45,000 posts are currently unfilled, with the average age of a British driver 55 and a dearth of youngsters taking up new roles.

“This driver shortage is limiting the haulage industry’s ability to deliver high-quality services and this growing problem needs to be addressed.

“This is having an adverse impact on the British economy and it shows no signs of improving.”

She added: “I regard it as vital that action is taken by the government and industry to address this shortage before it starts to have an even greater impact on the movement of goods and people across Great Britain and beyond.”

The head of the Road Haulage Association, Richard Burnett, said the Government needed to do more to help his members.

“The industry is doing all it can to promote itself as an excellent employment opportunity.

“Yet without financial support from the government, and without drivers, the industry on which the rest of the economy is so dependent will be going nowhere.”