IA welcomes the 2017 Budget's focus on productivity and developing capital markets

Posted On: 
8th March 2017

Chris Cummings, Chief Executive of the Investment Association (IA), has responded to the Chancellor's Budget statement.

The Chancellor has delivered a pragmatic budget, rightly focused on boosting the country's productivity and making markets work better for consumers.

Solving the UK's productivity puzzle will be central to rebalancing the economy. Our industry is committed to playing its part by helping businesses grow and by investing in new homes and infrastructure, while providing good returns for savers.   

We also welcome the Government's efforts to support diverse capital markets in the UK with the exemption from withholding tax for interest on debt traded on a Multilateral Trading Facility, removing a barrier to the development of UK debt markets. Today's Budget illustrates a commitment to creating a capital markets framework that works in the interests of investors and savers and one that is truly competitive globally.