Historic UK/US agreement by development finance bodies

Posted On: 
17th October 2017

Transatlantic exchange will benefit responsible finance providers.

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The two national bodies representing the development finance industries in the UK and US have today signed a historic partnership agreement.  The Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) and Responsible Finance are establishing a transatlantic exchange that will boost finance practitioners in both nations.

The exchange will help foster best practices, collaboration, learning and a greater understanding of how economic development and infrastructure is financed in the two nations.

The CDFA and Responsible Finance represent a total of 500 finance providers, which all support economic development and have an impact on their local economies. International collaboration and agreements are currently hot topics, and this new exchange will strengthen  understanding as well as supporting growth.

Responsible Finance supports a strong network of responsible finance providers who are increasing access to fair finance across the UK. Jennifer Tankard, CEO of Responsible Finance, commented:

“The transatlantic exchange is a great opportunity for responsible finance providers in the UK to learn from US peers and share our own experiences. We have a special relationship with the CDFA and this new agreement means that by working together we can achieve more than the sum of our parts. Our research, webcasts and visits will enable finance providers to take advantage of learning, funding and training opportunities. This is good news for the businesses, communities and people they serve – those that can’t access finance elsewhere and that need a strong national network of finance providers.”

The US-based CDFA is a national association dedicated to the advancement of development finance concerns and interests. CDFA is comprised of the nation’s leading and most knowledgeable members of the development finance community representing public, private and non-profit development entities. Toby Rittner, President and CEO of the CDFA, said:

"We at CDFA are excited to launch this new partnership. Responsible Finance does great work in supporting access to capital efforts throughout the UK, and CDFA is eager to collaborate and learn from their experiences."