CMI Comment on EEF Productivity Report

Posted On: 
22nd October 2018

Following the EEF’s report on Piecing Together the Puzzle: Getting UK Manufacturing Productivity Growth Back on Trend, please see below CMI's comment from Rob Wall, Head of Policy at the Chartered Management Institute:

CMI has long argued that improving management practice is key to solving the UK's productivity puzzle. Not just in engineering and manufacturing - but in all sectors. This report adds further weight to our argument.

The fact that foreign owned firms have higher management and productivity scores that UK owned firms should be a real wake up call for Government. If the UK is to prosper post-Brexit then work to increase investment in management and leadership must be accelerated now.

The recommendation that management training should be incentivised via the apprenticeship levy is an excellent idea. We would however go further and call on Government to set targets to increase the number of management apprenticeships, for young people taking on their first management role right through to senior leaders.