Mind the skills gap: from classroom to career

Posted On: 
8th April 2015

Improving the UK’s skills gap must be a priority for the next Government, according to the Chartered Insurance Institute.

The CII has released its
pre-election skills manifesto, identifying the key policy issues an incoming government will need to address in order to tackle the country's skills gap.

The manifesto calls on the next government to significantly improve the transition from education into work by providing each young person with the basic skills grounding required for future success.

It also highlights the need to empower the next generation to make informed career choices.

The CII is using the document to make the case for stable policy frameworks, recommending that policy makers resist the temptation to continually tinker with skills policy.  

The organisation would like to see further promotion of apprenticeships alongside the establishment of stronger basic skills through improving the literacy and numeracy of schools leavers.  

Better careers guidance and better recognition of professional bodies in order to efficiently utilise expertise and experience is also on the agenda.  

Public affairs manager at the CII, Daniel Pedley, said: "Improving skills capabilities will be one of the challenges facing an incoming government.

“Tackling this will require better preparation of young people for entry into the workplace. The CII’s skills manifesto highlights how smoothing the transition from classroom to workplace will require those leaving education to have stronger basic skills, access to quality vocational and academic pathways and a greater awareness of career options open to them.

“As a professional body, the CII has a proven record of providing employers with the standards and exams they want and trust. Policy makers should look to utilise this expertise and look upon professional bodies as willing partners. Significantly we exist at no cost to the exchequer."