Election Research & Polling

Posted On: 
4th November 2019

Custom Research Solutions for the General Election 


What will surely produce an unexpected result, it is vital for organisations to analyse and comprehend various election scenarios before they happen (Plan A, B & C).

Dods General Election Custom Research solution will provide a more bespoke, in-depth analysis of the Election. The team will work with your organisation to understand your key business objectives during the election and generate tailored reports and strategies that will help navigate what will be a very risky election.

Custom Research elements can include:

  • Situation analysis
  • Likelihood, and trigger analysis for, a potential General Election
  • Outline key stakeholders within major parties and highlight the potential for coalitions
  • Scenario and impact analysis of the various prospective governments resulting from an upcoming general election
  • Establishing “the next steps” based on research results

Each element of our General Election products can be tailored to fit your business needs. To request more information about product elements and package pricing, click here

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