KPMG comments on today’s ONS migration data

Posted On: 
29th November 2018

KPMG comments on today’s ONS migration data

Punam Birly, Employment & Immigration Partner at KPMG UK said:

“The supply of EU labour which has bolstered the UK economy for so long is ebbing away. In part this is being driven by factors such as exchange rates, but reports suggest an increasing number of EU citizens view Britain as a less attractive and more uncertain place to be.  Consequently we’re seeing a rebalancing of the people economy as the flow of EU migrants, especially from Eastern European countries, is substituted by a new flow of workers and students from outside of the EU, particularly South Asia.”

James Stewart, Head of Brexit at KPMG UK said:

“Our economy’s requirement for workers means that people are now being drawn from all over the world to fill UK jobs. UK employers are increasingly involved and proactive in this, we’re seeing a growing number actively targeting overseas talent.  Given the direction that migration policy is going in, a period of restructuring looks pretty inevitable now, as the relative cost of automation becomes more attractive.”