Highest number of apprentices to start in a decade

Posted On: 
12th December 2017

Airbus Broughton welcomes new starts to the business.

Airbus UK

Airbus Broughton took on 117 apprentices onto its craft, higher and degree apprentice schemes this week; the largest intake in the last ten years. The apprentices are starting training to become skilled aircraft fitters and electricians, engineers, business managers, logistics managers, and finance professionals and will complete their schemes with academic and vocational qualifications.

Throughout the UK Airbus has taken on more than160 apprentices this year and more than 500 apprentices over the last five years. Many of those who completed their programmes use the opportunity of working for a global company to work in one of our facilities overseas. In addition, around 70 per cent of the senior management team at the Broughton plant in north Wales began their careers as apprentices.