Downing Street lobby briefing on Salisbury ex-spy attack and accusations of a devolution 'power grab'

Posted On: 
8th March 2018

A spokesman for Theresa May today said the nerve agent attack on ex-spy Sergei Skripal was "an appalling and reckless crime".

Downing Street
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"The PM has been updated by officials throughout this and continues to be so. It is clear that this was an appalling and reckless crime and the public will rightly want those responsible to be identified and held to account. But it is important that we avoid speculation and allow the police and others to rigorously establish the full facts. As the Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary have made clear our response to those who are found to be responsible will be robust and if I could add the Prime Minister wishes to again send her personal thanks to the police and the emergency services for the typical courage they have shown in responding to this attack. She would also like to thank the people of Salisbury for their help and support in re...