Amber Rudd calls for MPs of all parties to 'forge consensus' to avoid no-deal Brexit

Posted On: 
15th December 2018

Work and Pensions Secretary Amber Rudd has warned MPs to ignore the “siren voices calling us to the rocks” of a no-deal Brexit and urged politicians to “forge a consensus” instead.

Amber Rudd recently returned to Cabinet and has made significant interventions on Brexit.

Writing in the Daily Mail, the senior Cabinet minister - who supported Remain in the 2016 referendum - said Brexit was "in danger of getting stuck”, as she hit out at those who accuse Theresa May of "treachery".

Urging politicians to work together to find a solution to the current deadlock, Ms Rudd said: "These may not be words to make the heart beat faster, or fill the soul with excitement – but they are what’s needed in a country that has seen everything from families to political parties split down the middle and that now needs some Brexit certainty.

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"It also requires everyone to abandon outrage and accusations. It’s not weak to create a safe environment for Parliament to find a solution – it’s strong.

"There may be lost votes along the way as we edge towards a solution, but so be it. Each one will help us get to something that is workable and possible.

"There will be those outside Parliament that say this approach is naïve. Others may call it treachery. My colleagues across the House of Commons should ignore such siren voices calling us to the rocks of no deal."

Ms Rudd meanwhile raised the prospect of major disruption to businesses, saying car manufacturers “would face short term disruption and long term uncertainty about their ability to compete”.

"Our airlines and freight hauliers and retailers would all find it difficult to guess what would become of their businesses,” the Work and Pensions Secretary added.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, speaking on the Today programme this morning, said he agreed with Ms Rudd’s calls for MPs to work together.

But he argued that ministers were unlikely to get much support from the Labour party in building a consensus around Brexit.