Nigel Farage tells Brexiteers to prepare for second referendum

Posted On: 
15th December 2018

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has told Brexiteers that they need to prepare for a second referendum.

Nigel Farage encouraged Brexiteers to prepare for a second referendum.

Speaking at rally in London last night, Mr Farage said: "My message folks tonight is, as much as I don’t want a second referendum, it would be wrong of us on a Leave Means Leave platform not to get ready, not to be prepared for a worst-case scenario."

Mr Farage, who recently quit Ukip over the hiring of former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson as an advisor, told fellow eurosceptics to “to move into a different gear” and “start forming branches and active groups all over this country" to try and secure Brexit, urging campaiginers to re-engage with those millions of people who never voted in their lives before.”

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His comments come amid mounting calls for a second referendum.

According to Bloomberg, a number of ministers have privately raised the possibility of going back to the people amid the ongoing parliamentary deadlock.

Last night’s pro-Brexit rally came just hours after former Prime Minister Tony Blair revealed he had been speaking to Labour MPs about a second referendum.

He told a People’s Vote campaign event: “I have had many meeting with Labour MPs over these past weeks."

Former Transport Minister Jo Johnson - who resigned with a call for a second referendum - meanwhile told the Times he had "had serious conversations" with Cabinet ministers and some in Downing Street about a fresh vote.

"There is increasing interest around No 10 and the Cabinet Office about a second referendum, putting the prime minister’s deal to the public,” he said.

Mr Johnson also today the BBC'sToday programme that he fears Number 10 is “running down the clock” on Brexit in an attempt to force Mrs May's proposal through.