House of Lords overwhelmingly rejects Theresa May's Brexit deal

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15th January 2019

Peers overwhelmingly rejected Theresa May's Brexit deal - 24 hours before MPs are set to do the same.

Peers have rejected Theresa May's deal.
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In the latest in a long line of House of Lords defeats for the Government, peers voted 321 to 152 in favour of a motion in the name of Angela Smith, Labour's leader in the upper chamber, rejecting the agreement and ruling out a no-deal Brexit.

Afterwards, she described it as a "vote for common sense".

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Although the result has no practical impact on the Government's plans, it is another sign of the widespread parliamentary opposotion to the the Prime Minister's deal.

Dick Newby, the Lib Dem leader in the Lords, said: "This resounding defeat for the Conservative government demonstrates how unpopular Theresa May’s deal truly is.

“Since delaying the vote, the Cabinet’s shambolic plans for Brexit have only increased. From ferry contracts which include no ferries, to no-deal fridges ready for stockpiling medicines, the Cabinet is wasting millions of pounds and causing many individuals great anxiety on a no-deal option which stands zero chance of being approved by the Commons.

"This vote has been an embarrassing setback for Theresa May, and she can expect more of the same (in the Commons). The Prime Minister should hand the Brexit decision back to the people -  with the option to remain in the EU."

MPs are expected to inflict a record-breaking defeat on the Prime Minister when they vote on her withdrawal agreement tonight.

More than 100 Conservative MPs have publicly spoken out against the agreement, while the DUP - who Mrs May relies on for her Commons majority - has savaged the deal.

Meanwhile, few Labour MPs appear to have been convinced to jump sides in recent weeks.

Labour is then expected to table a motion of no confidence in the Government, teeing up another huge Commons vote as soon as Wednesday.