Support for staying in EU highest since Brexit vote, poll finds

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17th January 2019

Support for overturning the Brexit vote has hit its highest level since the 2016 referendum, according a new poll.

Pro-EU campaigners were buoyed by the result
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In a major boost for pro-EU campaigners, Brits said they would opt to stay in the bloc by a 12-point margin, the YouGov survey commissioned by the People’s Vote campaign found.

Some 56% of respondents said they would vote to Remain, with 44% saying they would vote to leave, once those who said they were unsure or would not vote were eliminated.

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Veteran pollster and former YouGov president Peter Kellner said: “No longer can it be said that opinion has not moved significantly since the referendum.”

In the 2016 vote, 48% of the country opted to remain in the EU while 52% chose to leave.

Labour MP and People’s Vote campaigner Chuka Umunna said: “This snap poll shows more than ever why the Government needs to change course and hand this decision on Brexit back to the people.

“There is now a clear and expanding majority for staying in the EU and an even bigger one when voters have the chance to look at the real options for leaving.”

Elsewhere, the poll found some 78% of Labour party supporters were in favour of a second referendum on Brexit, amid pressure on Jeremy Corbyn to commit to one.

Mr Umunna said: “To ignore those calls now would be an historic mistake for which Labour would not be forgiven.”

But at a speech in Hastings today, Mr Corbyn made no indication he would back a fresh referendum - despite failing to trigger a general election in the Commons last night.

The Government defeated a motion of no-confidence he tabled, prompting anti-Brexit campaigners to highlight the Labour conference policy saying the party would mull another vote after bids for an election have failed.

Mr Corbyn said Labour would “look at the other options” if the Government “remains intransigent” on Brexit and if support for its preferred exit strategy is “blocked for party advantage”.