Liam Fox: MPs risk a ‘political tsunami’ if they fail to deliver Brexit

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20th January 2019

Britain could be hit by a “political tsunami” if MPs fail to deliver Brexit, Cabinet minister Liam Fox has warned.

Liam Fox said stopping Brexit would create a 'yawning gap' between voters and MPs
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The International Trade Secretary said the Commons "made a contract with voters" that if breached could lead to "unknowable consequences". 

He made the comments after the Brexit deal Theresa May clinched with Brussels was overwhelmingly rejected by MPs, and amid reports of parliamentary plots to thwart Brexit.

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“When a Question Time audience seemed to cheer the prospect of ‘no deal’, they were reminding Westminster of something too many are missing,” the pro-Brexit minister wrote in the Sunday Telegraph.

“When MPs voted to hold the referendum, they made a contract with voters. They said ‘you make the decision and we will abide by it’.”

Dr Fox added: “The reaction of the Question Time audience could become a political tsunami...

“It is time for MPs to deliver on the promises they made. It is a matter of honour and a matter of duty.”

His comments follow reports that backbench MPs will try to seize control of parliamentary business when Theresa May tables her Brexit plan B tomorrow.

Some of his colleagues in the Cabinet meanwhile have suggested the Government should back a permanent customs union with the EU in order to win Labour support for the deal.

Dr Fox attacked those proposals, and he also took aim at MPs, including Jeremy Corbyn, who have demanded Mrs May rules out quitting the bloc without a deal.

“It is the most stupid thing possible to do to give away your strongest card,” he scoffed.