Back second Brexit referendum to beat the Tories, Tom Watson tells Labour MPs

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31st March 2019

Tom Watson has urged his party to get behind a confirmatory Brexit referendum in order to beat the Conservatives.

The party’s second-in-command also said preparations at grassroot levels are underway to fight the next elections
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The Labour party’s deputy leader also called on the opposition to embrace fresh European elections in May - and said he was "confident" Labour could outperform the Tories if it pledged a second Brexit vote.

The call comes after Theresa May’s deal was struck down for a third time in the Commons on Friday, and as MPs prepare to vote on a series of Brexit options, including a second referendum, on Monday.

Tom Watson hints at government of national unity to break Brexit deadlock

Tom Watson says he will vote for Theresa May's Brexit deal if she allows second referendum

Labour frontbencher quits to join rebellion against second Brexit referendum

Labour Brexit splits erupt over MPs' bid for second EU referendum

Labour frontbencher Melanie Onn quit her job last week to join a major rebellion against the party's backing for a second EU referendum, while three Shadow Cabinet members abstained on the vote.

But, Writing in The Guardian, Mr Watson called on his colleagues to get behind the party's new push for a public vote.

"I respect the different judgments reached by some of our MPs - none of these decisions is easy - but more than 80% of Labour MPs backed Margaret Beckett’s motion saying that any deal to leave the EU should not be pushed through by parliament unless it has also been approved by the people," he said.