Nigel Farage says Scotland cannot be independent while still in the EU

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18th May 2019

Nigel Farage branded Nicola Sturgeon's bid for an independent Scotland inside the EU as “the most dishonest political discourse anywhere in the world” as he took his European elections campaign north of the border.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said the Scottish First Minister's claims were 'dishonest'.
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Ms Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister, has long campaigned against Brexit and held out the prospect of a second referendum on Scottish independence as a way to spare the country leaving the EU.

But, Speaking at a rally in Edinburgh, the Brexit Party leader said: "Our politics is full of deception because here in Scotland we have the extraordinary situation where Nicola Sturgeon talks about independence.

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"She says that separating from the United Kingdom but staying part of the European Union means that Scotland will be independent.

"It is, I think, the most dishonest political discourse I've ever seen anywhere in the world.

"You cannot be independent if you're governed from the European Court of Justice. You cannot be independent if you're in the EU's customs union and single market. You cannot be independent if you're governed by Monsieur Barnier and Mr Juncker."

The ex-Ukip leader leader made a direct plea for SNP voters to back his new organisation, saying those who were "genuinely a nationalist" should "lend your vote to the Brexit party."

He added: "Let’s get out of the EU and then have an honest debate about independence."

Mr Farage had earlier told the media: "The impression that’s often given by Nicola Sturgeon is that almost everybody in Scotland thinks the European Union is a fantastic idea, when the reality is that 30% of her own voters, because they are actually genuinely nationalists, voted to leave the EU."