Brexit Party secures huge European election victory as Tories and Labour suffer

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26th May 2019

The Brexit Party has secured a huge victory in the European elections as voters took out their anger on the Conservatives and Labour.

Nigel Farage arrives at his count in Southampton.
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In a political earthquake, Nigel Farage's party made sweeping gains across the country, with the Lib Dems also enjoying a very successful night.

Results showed the Brexit Party winning in traditional Labour strongholds Wales, North East England, Yorkshire and Humber and the West Midlands, while also coming top in the East of England, South East England and the South West.

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By the early morning, the party - which was set up by the former Ukip leader less than two months ago - were already on 28 MEPs, with the Lib Dems on 15 - fourteen more than they got at the 2014 European elections.

Arriving at his count in Southampton, Mr Farage said: "The intelligence I get is that the Brexit Party is doing pretty well. It looks like it’s going to be a big win for the Brexit Party."

Most of the Brexit Party's success came at the expense of the Conservatives, who recorded their worst result in a national election since the 19th century.

With every result declared in England and Wales, the party had lost 15 MEPs, leaving them with just three.

Labour also suffered a miserable evening, winning just 10 seats - down eight on 2014 - and seeing its vote share slump to just 14%..

The party slumped to third place behind the Brexit Party and Plaid Cymru in Wales, while it was wiped out after coming fifth in Scotland, where the SNP romped home ahead of the Brexit Party in second place.

Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry launched an outspoken attack on Labour's failure to back a second EU referendum.

She said: "These are really bad results for Labour. I think we're going to get a kicking. 

"We went into an election where the most important issue was what was our view on leaving the European Union and we were not clear about it. We were not clear on the one single thing that people wanted to hear and that wasn't (the candidates' ) fault.

"We should have said quite simply that any deal that comes out of this government should be put to a confirmatory referendum and that Remain should be on the ballot paper and that Labour would campaign to Remain."

Meanwhile the staunchly pro-Remain Greens were also enjoying a good night at the expense of Labour, with its number of MEPs up from three to seven.