Public believe Boris Johnson’s claim Brexit will happen by October 31 'do or die', poll shows

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21st August 2019

The public are increasingly convinced by Boris Johnson's clam Brexit will happen by 31 October "do or die", according to a new poll.

The public increasingly believe Boris Johnson when he says the UK will leave the EU on October 31, polling suggests.
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Research shows that the proportion of people expecting the UK to leave the EU on time has risen from almost two to one against in mid-July to neck and neck in mid-August.

The report by YouGov shows that before Mr Johnson became Prime Minister only 27% of people believed the UK would be gone by the Hallowe’en Article 50 deadline.

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But that has now reached 39%, with an increase in likelihood rising amongst both leave and remain voters.

And the proportion who expect the UK to still be an EU member state come November has fallen from 56% to 40%.

Forty percent of voters, however, still think it is unlikely that Britain will be out of the EU by the latest deadline.

The polling firm said: “A majority of those who intend to vote Conservative (63%) also expect Boris Johnson to have kept to his pledge by Halloween.

“In news that will no doubt please the Prime Minister, so too do 56% of those currently intending to back the Brexit Party – Johnson’s key target demographic for the much-expected general election.”

Chris Curtis from YouGov added: “With a pledge to deliver Brexit ‘do or die’, the rhetoric and actions of the new Prime Minister seem to be convincing the public that he intends to keep his promise.

“This is not simply a partisan shift either, belief that Brexit will have taken place on or by 31 October has increased by the same rate among both Remain and Leave voters."


Another new poll showed Mr Johnson’s Conservative Party has opened up a 14% lead over Labour.

They have shot up by 17 points since May to reach 42%, while Jeremy Corbyn’s party are at 28%, down six points in the Kantar survey.

Craig Watkins from the firm told Reuters: “There has been a significant shift.

“We have a new Conservative prime minister who has taken a very clear stance on handling the Brexit negotiation and Brexit itself and that messaging seems to be cutting through to the public.”

But the poll also showed just 23% of Britons said their preferred outcome would be leaving the EU without a deal, and more than half of respondents backed a second referendum on a Brexit agreement.