Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan says she would back Remain in a second referendum

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15th September 2019

Culture Secretary Nicky Morgan has admitted she would vote to remain in the European Union if a second referendum took place.

Nicky Morgan said she would vote to remain in a second vote
The House

The cabinet minister told the BBC she would repeat her choice from the 2016 poll "if it came to it" - although she stressed that she did not personally back a second referendum being called.

The comments come despite serving under Boris Johnson, who has promised to leave the EU “do or die” on 31 October.

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Speaking to Sky News, Ms Morgan said “I don't support having a second referendum, I think the way that we traditionally resolve impasses in this country like this would be to have a general election, although parliament has now twice said in recent days it doesn't want to have a general election.

"I think a second referendum would just create more division and more uncertainty.

"If it came to it... I would vote to remain but I think the most important thing is not having a second referendum, it is implementing the result of the first referendum in 2016."

Asked why she was serving under the arch-Brexiteer Prime Minister, the Loughborough MP said: “Because I’m also a democrat, and I think one of the fundamental tenets of our democracy is that when the public vote, and over 30 million people voted in the EU referendum, there was a clear result…

“It’s not a result I was comfortable with, but I have accepted it.”

The comments came as former Conservative minister Sam Gyimah became the second Tory MP to join the Liberal Democrats.

Meanwhile, former prime minister David Cameron has accused Mr Johnson of backing the Leave side in the 2016 eferendum only to “help his political career”.