WATCH: Emily Thornberry apologises for comparing Lib Dems to the Taliban over Brexit

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25th September 2019

Emily Thornberry has apologised for comparing the Liberal Democrats to the Taliban over their Brexit policy.

Emily Thornberry has apologised for the Taliban gaffe.
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The Shadow Foreign Secretary said the party was like the terrorist organisation for pledging to scrap the result of the EU referendum if they win the election.

In an interview with The House magazine, Ms Thornberry said: "The Lib Dems have gotten kind of Taliban, haven’t they? They’ve said they’re just going to revoke, there’s not going to be another referendum.

Chuka Umunna blasts Emily Thornberry after 'insulting' claim Lib Dems are like Brexit 'Taliban'

EXCL Lib Dems are like 'the Taliban' over bid to scrap Brexit, says Emily Thornberry

"I don’t think it’s very democratic to seek to overturn a referendum without asking the people first."

Her remarks were condemned by senior Lib Dems, including party leader Jo Swinson and Chuka Umunna.

Mr Umunna, the party's foreign affairs spokesman, said: "Emily Thornberry should withdraw her inappropriate remarks. Language counts - comparing the Liberal Democrats to a murderous organisation is no laughing matter."

Kicking off her response to a Commons statement by Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, Ms Thornberry said: "Can I take this opportunity, Mr Speaker, because we are debating vital issues in the Middle East, to apologise to my Liberal Democrat colleagues for my crass, throwaway Taliban remark in an interview last week.

"I'm sorry for what I said, and I believe that our politics is better when we can be honest and apologise for our mistakes. A lesson that our country's Prime Minister, Her Majesty's Prime Minister would be well placed to learn."