WATCH Damian Green: It 'would have been' better if the country had voted Remain

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11th October 2017

Damian Green has said it "would have been" better if the country had voted Remain.

Damian Green made the comments to Newsnight
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The de facto deputy prime minister - who campaigned for Remain - said he had not “resiled from his views”. 

His remarks come after Theresa May refused to say whether she would vote for Brexit if the EU referendum was re-run.

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But Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt previously said that he would switch from Leave if the referendum was taking place now.

The First Secretary of State told Newsnight: “I was on the board of the stronger in campaign, no one fought harder than me for Remain so I don’t resile from my views but it’s a slightly silly question because there is not going to be another referendum.” 

When asked directly if it would have been better if the country had voted down Brexit, he said: “It would be but the public took their views. I’m a democrat, I believe that when people have spoken, it is the job of democratic politicians to do their best and actually to put in place what people wanted.

“I argued against [Brexit] but the country took the decision, I’m a democrat, I respect that decision, it’s my public duty now to make the best Brexit we can, and that’s what I’m trying to do in Government."