Len McCluskey predicts 'no deal' Brexit will make Jeremy Corbyn PM in 2019

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30th October 2017

Unite boss Len McCluskey has predicted a breakdown in Brexit talks will send Jeremy Corbyn into Downing St after an election victory in 2019.

Unite boss Len McCluskey said he could see a Corbyn government by 2019

The long-time Corbyn supporter said the political establishment were "scared stiff" that the leftwinger would triumph in an election and shake up the "power axis" in the UK.

With Unite among the biggest donors to the Labour party, Mr McCluskey wields enormous influence over the direction of the opposition. 

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He argued that the Government would struggle to get a deal in place by October of next year, in time for it to be ratified by European parliaments by the end of the Article 50 period in March 2019.

The union heavyweight told Unite activists in Scotland: “If there’s no deal I believe the government will fall and we will have a general election. And I think there would be a real chance of Labour winning that election and Corbyn coming to power.”

“The Tories exist for one reason only and that is to have power. I knew she wouldn’t give up power and the Tories wouldn’t give up power. My prediction, more a hope, is that we have a general election in 2019."

“That’s how close we are, that is what is within our grasp", he added

"We now have an opportunity to transform our society, so I’m hoping for 2019 and I do believe Brexit is the issue that could bring this government down.”