‘A blatant piece of bullying’: MPs hit out at Daily Telegraph’s ‘Brexit mutineers’ front page

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15th November 2017

MPs have condemned a newspaper for branding Brexit rebels “mutineers”, with one minister saying the headline is an “attempt to divide” the Tories.

Daily Telegraph's front page
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The Daily Telegraph's front page has pictures of Tory MPs who made clear their intention to vote against the plan to enshrine the leave date in law, under the headline: ‘The Brexit mutineers’. 

Last night senior backbenchers including Ken Clarke and Dominic Grieve were among those to speak out against Theresa May’s plan to put a precise date on withdrawal, as the Commons began line-by-line scrutiny of the Government's EU Withdrawal Bill.

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Brexit Minister Steve Baker and Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt swiftly took to Twitter to denounce the splash. 





Anna Soubry, who was named as a ‘Brexit mutineer’, described the headline as “a blatant piece of bullying” but told the Commons last night she sees the label as “a badge of honour”. 



Former education secretary Nicky Morgan and Heidi Allen were also among those to hit out at the headline on Twitter.




Chuka Umunna described the front page as an “ideological witch hunt”.