Archbishop of Canterbury hits out at Daily Telegraph 'Brexit mutineers' headline

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26th November 2017

The Archbishop of Canterbury has accused British newspapers of trying to “stir up hate” when they ramp up their rhetoric about Brexit.

Justin Welby said there must be “much more discipline in our use of language”
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Justin Welby took aim at papers like the Daily Telegraph, which raised eyebrows earlier this month for branding Tory Brexit rebels ‘mutineers’.

The Daily Mail came under fire when it branded High Court judges ‘enemies of the people’ after they ruled that Parliament would have a vote on triggering the Brexit process

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Appearing on ITV’s Peston on Sunday this morning, Lord Welby said there must be “much more discipline in our use of language”.

"The use of expressions about 'public enemies', the use of stuff like 'mutineers', all these headlines which seem conditioned to stir up hatred," he said.

"There is a responsibility on anyone who is setting public opinion to say yes disagree, we are a democracy of course we disagree, robustly, sometimes very toughly.

"But we have to say we are part of the same country and we will not surmount the challenge of Brexit or no Brexit without unity." 

MPs condemned the Telegraph over a front page featuring 15 Tories who had suggested they would vote against a plan to enshrine the exact time and date of Brexit in law under the headline 'The Brexit mutineers'.

MP Anna Soubry said she had reported to the police numerous Twitter threats she said were inspired by the splash, while Brexit Minister Steve Baker condemned “any media attempts to divide our party”.