‘You’ll get what’s coming to you’: Tory rebels ‘sent death threats as calls for deselection grow’

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15th December 2017

Death threats have reportedly been sent to the Conservative MPs who voted against the Government in this week’s crunch Brexit bill vote.

Dominic Grieve led the Tory Brexit rebellion
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The 11 former Remainers, who were responsible for an embarrassing defeat for the Government, are also facing calls for deselection. 

The Tory MPs defied their party whip on Wednesday night to vote in favour of Dominic Grieve's amendment calling for MPs to be given a meaningful vote on the final Brexit deal

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Nadine Dorries yesterday called for her colleagues to be deselected as she said the rebels MPs had "undermined the PM and devalued her impact in Brussels".

Although, Conservative HQ has not backed Ms Dorries’ call, according to The Times privately some Tory MPs are reportedly also calling for the rebels to face deselection. 

One Brexiteer told the paper: “The rebels should now feel the heat of their constituents.

“Whenever I rebelled I would slink away rather than rubbing their noses in it.”

Meanwhile one of the rebels, Anna Soubry, denied reports she was celebrating with champagnes after photos emerged of the rebels drinking in Parliament on Wednesday night. 

One Remain-supporting Tory, who supported the Government on Wednesday, told the paper the vote was a “massive act of self-indulgence which plunged colleagues who have worked hard to be loyal and sensible, especially in marginal seats, a great disservice”.

Former attorney general Mr Grieve told the Guardian he had received death threats following the vote, which he has reported to the police. 

“The thing which continues to cause me concern is not that people will disagree vigorously with the positions we take but that the atmosphere is so febrile that it leads firstly to people not listening to what the debate is about, secondly suggests that any questions around Brexit amount to an intention to sabotage and thirdly result in some people expressing themselves in terms that at times include death threats.”

Another rebel, Antoinette Sandbach, said she had also received threats with one reading: “you’ll get what’s coming to you”.

And former Cabinet minister Nicky Morgan said yesterday she had reported a message she had received to the parliamentary authorities.