Theresa May spent almost £1000 on safe delivery of Article 50 letter

Posted On: 
10th February 2018

The Prime Minister spent £985.50 from the public purse on the safe delivery of the official letter to trigger Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Theresa May spent almost £1000 sending the Article 50 letter to Brussels.

According to a document released by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, two civil servants travelled on the Eurostar to hand deliver the letter to Brussels.

Their two business premier class return tickets, including a small booking and change fee, cost at total of £985.50.

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The letter, signed by Theresa May, launched the official two year process to leave the EU after June 2016’s referendum vote.

The Government said the cost was limited to the two train tickets: “There were no other quantifiable costs associated with their travel,” officials said, in the FOI response.

Meals were provided on the train and the two civil servants stayed overnight at an official residence.

“The letter was then delivered to the president of the European council by Sir Tim Barrow as part of his duties as UK permanent representative to the European Union at no additional cost.”