Theresa May accused of ‘plot to frustrate Brexit’ by keeping UK half in single market

Posted On: 
10th February 2018

The Prime Minister has come under fire from the arch-Brexiteer side of her own party for her latest plan to comprise on the terms of leaving the EU.

One source said the plans would make the UK “little more than a colony of the EU”.

According to the Sun, Leavers are furious her latest plan could mean staying under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

Theresa May’s chief Brexit negotiator, Olly Robbins, pitched the latest plan to the Prime Minister’s Brexit committee on Thursday.

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Under it, Britain would maintain very close alignment to the EU’s rule book for hard goods, but diverge from Brussels edicts on the services sector.

That would keep trade and supply lines for products such as machinery, cars and planes flowing freely with Europe and protect jobs, Mr Robbins argued.

Mr Robbins pitched the plan as a compromise between Conservative Brexiteers and ambitions of the Remain camp.

However, the proposals went down like a lead balloon, as one source said they would make the UK “little more than a colony of the EU”.

“Fox, Gove and Boris have made it clear they will not accept single market rules, because it means being dictated to by Brussels forever.

“How can we defend that in the House of Commons?

“It makes us little more than a colony of the EU, and the PM has been told that.”