George Soros hits back at 'smear campaign' with £100,000 donation to anti-Brexit group

Posted On: 
12th February 2018

Billionaire philanthropist George Soros has hit back at what he calls a press "smear campaign" by pledging to donate up to £100,000 to an anti-Brexit campaign group.

Financier George Soros has offered another cash injection to pro-EU campaigners

The 87-year-old Hungarian-American financier was the subject of a front page splash in last week's Daily Telegraph focusing on his £400,000 donation to Best for Britain, a cross-party group working to keep Britain in the EU. 

The article prompted a fresh crowdfunding drive from pro-Europeans, which Mr Soros has now promised to bolster by matching any Best for Britain donations under £100, up to a total of £100,000.

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"I am happy to take the fight to those who have tried to use a smear campaign not arguments to prop up their failing case," Mr Soros said. 

Best for Britain chief executive Eloise Todd welcomed the donation, saying: "We live in a democracy, and the right to freedom of speech is precious. Elements of the right-wing press don’t seem to agree. The UK’s future with the EU is not a done deal, there is still a vote to come and people across the country deserve to know the truth about the options on the table: one of which is staying and leading in the EU.

"George Soros and his foundation is kindly offering to help match-fund to give Best for Britain more support so we can make sure this message gets out: the biggest decision on Brexit is yet to come."

Mr Soros has donated billions of pounds to pro-democracy causes around the world through his Open Society Foundation, which he founded in 1979 to promote liberal values and human rights.